Seeing an Audiologist for Balance Issues

diagram of ear superimposed on womans head and ear

Balance issues can take you by surprise; they can also be disconcerting and dangerous. If you want to know more about balance issues and who can advise you best, then read on. Balance is closely connected to the hearing system, so you might need to visit an audiologist to examine your inner ear, fit a hearing device or show you some techniques to restore your balance. 

What are Balance Issues? 

When people think about balance issues, they normally think about the brain, the eyes and the limbs, but not the hearing system. In fact, the hearing system is intimately connected to the balance of the body, and changes to hearing can cause vertigo, dizziness and disorientation. 

Balance issues such as dizziness and disorientation caused by changes to your inner ear can be hazardous and affect your quality of life. If you notice a balance issue, don’t ignore it; talk to an audiologist right away and consider the quality of your hearing and your hearing aid.

What Causes Balance Issues? 

Conditions that cause balance issues include vertigo, Meniere’s and Labyrinthitis, all of which are connected to the hearing system. These conditions can cause you to become dizzy and disoriented and fall over, consult an audiologist to find out about treatment options for these. 

For instance, vertigo has many causes, but it is usually connected to the hearing system in some way; the vestibular nerve that runs into the inner ear can become inflamed, causing the condition. Similarly, Meniere’s is caused by an increase in pressure deep within the inner ear.

Treatments for Balance Issues

There are many treatments for balance issues depending on the type of thing you experience.

Some treatments involve hearing devices, while others involve lifestyle changes; in some cases, a person might be referred to another specialist for more focused treatment to resolve the issue. 

Working with an audiologist will help you to understand your condition better and find a suitable treatment option. In some cases, a hearing device or medication will be required, but this is always in tandem with breathing exercises and focused attention to offer protection in crisis. 

When to Visit an Audiologist 

If you have a balance issue, there’s no problem visiting a medical professional first to determine the cause and severity of the condition. Don’t be surprised if they refer you to an audiologist since many balance issues originate in the inner ear.

The reason it’s better to contact a medical professional before an audiologist is that balance issues can be related to other things as well. Many balance issues originate in the ear, but they can also be caused by neurological conditions or eyesight issues; try to get the right specialist.

Balance issues can originate in different places, but most of the time, they are connected to the hearing systems in some way. For this reason, there’s a high chance of referral to an audiologist for balance treatments.