Hearing Products

Mast Audiology Services offers the latest hearing technology to improve and maintain your overall hearing and quality of life. The audiologist matches your hearing and hearing protection needs to the technology best suited for you. Because we represent the major manufacturers, you benefit from the widest range of solutions.

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    Replace your landline with a CaptionCall phone and never miss a word of phone conversation again. Enjoy real-time captions of your phone call in an easy-to-read format on a large screen. CaptionCall devices are free to those with hearing loss. Ask Mast Audiology Services about how a CaptionCall phone can help keep you connected.

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  • Cell Phone Accessories for Hearing Aids

    Stay connected and enjoy hands-free calling with cellphone accessories for hearing aids. Neck loops and earloops improve the quality of your cellphone calls and allow you to use your hands while talking.

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  • Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

    Custom earmolds and earplugs are made from a cast of your ear or ear canal. The audiologist can perform this painless procedure in just a few minutes to ensure you get a perfect fit from your hearing protection. In addition to blocking noise, earmolds and earplugs can create a quiet environment for sleeping so shift workers and frequent travelers stay rested.

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  • Earplugs and Monitors for Musicians

    Musicians need to hear clearly, but amplified sound from instruments and voices can damage hearing. The solution? Earplugs and in-ear monitors from Mast Audiology Services designed specifically for the needs of musicians. Earplugs reduce the decibel level to a safe range without distorting sound while in-ear monitors replace stage monitors, so you hear the sound on stage safely.

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    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Digital hearing protection amplifies background noise for hunters, allows firearms enthusiasts to hear conversation for safety, and suppresses the harmful sound of gunfire. Whether you hunt, enjoy skeet or sporting clays or just practice at the firing range, protect your hearing with devices from Mast Audiology Services.

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Hearing aids can be worn in the ear or behind the ear. Mast Audiology Services carries and fits all styles of hearing aids. The size of the hearing aid doesn’t determine price; however, it does affect the battery’s life. The audiologist matches your hearing needs with the technology for a perfect fit. In the ear and in the canal hearing aids are almost invisible and behind the ear hearing aids offer features not found in devices worn in the ear.

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  • Hearing Protection

    Exposure to noise is the most common cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Protect your hearing with custom solutions from Mast Audiology Services.

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    Signia Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Signia develops revolutionary hearing aids to bring clarity to conversation and the sounds of everyday life. Every hearing experience is extraordinary when you hear with Signia.

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    Oticon Hearing Products

    Oticon manufactures revolutionary hearing technology with the power to improve lives. Stay connected and live life to the fullest, backed by Oticon life-changing technology.

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    Phonak Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Phonak offers you the best in modern hearing technology for a variety of hearing needs. Rediscover the sounds of your life with hearing technology from Phonak.

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    ReSound Hearing Products

    ReSound hearing products integrate technology that lets you hear like no other hearing aid. Experience sound just as nature intended, naturally and effortlessly.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey delivers the best hearing experiences using award-winning technology and innovative hearing aid designs. Enjoy exceptional speech clarity in a variety of listening environments with Starkey hearing aids.

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