Common Signs of Untreated Hearing Loss

older gentleman with hearing loss in one ear

Hearing loss often happens gradually, and because of this it can feel like it snuck up on you.

Common symptoms

  • Frequently misunderstanding speech, especially in an environment where there are competing signals
  • Tinnitus in one or both ears (Tinnitus is sounds that are in your head, not heard by others. Can present in many forms: ringing, humming, buzzing, music, etc.)
  • Needing the tv or phone turned up very loud to be able to understand it
  • Feeling as though everyone around you is mumbling
  • Significant difficulty understanding women and children’s voices
  • Choosing to stay home or not participate in activities or events because you can’t hear what’s going on anyway

If you felt like some of these signs have been present in your life, you should have your hearing tested!

What happens if hearing loss is left untreated?

Untreated hearing loss can lead to more hearing loss, memory and balance impairment and ultimately it is a significant contributing factor for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease according to the latest research. The brain cannot accurately process information that it isn’t getting accurately! And the more we withdraw from conversation, the more those parts of the brain begin to atrophy from the lack of stimulation.

Getting a baseline hearing examination can only make you more informed and aware of your current standing. It literally can’t hurt. 

What should you do?

Currently working at Seaford Audiology in Seaford, Delaware, I am able to test your hearing to accurately diagnosis the presence, severity and type of hearing loss you (may) have. For those patients that do have a hearing loss, recommendations are always personal and specific to your needs. We work with most of the main manufacturers of hearing aids, but primarily work with Signia.

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